Monday, September 30, 2013


We went knocking, not really having anyone to see. We went up into the hills of Anaheim to an apartment complex that we had in mind from weekly planning (WP). We started walking around the complex and one of the goals I had set during WP was to be more Bold! So we hadn't knocked on any doors yet but I talked to a couple out walking their dogs- nobody was interested... As we walked through the slightly lit complex, trying to decide where to knock I looked at a set of 7 or so doors and said "Let's knock those." 
So we knocked the first...the second and no interest but the 3rd was awesome! A YSA aged girl named Alia opened the door (Fully not just cracked like 99% of doors haha)... As Elder Henriod started the conversation she just smiled, nodding her head. I came in and asked her if she believed in Christ--Yes. I asked what she thought of His perfect example-- she expressed a deep love for the Savior we all look to for help. From there I asked her if she was familiar with the Bible and the account of Christ's Baptism?? She said yes and so right there I asked her if she would follow His perfect example and be Baptized by the Proper Authority of God? (Sorry to build up the suspense...) -- She said that she had already been baptized and goes to a local Catholic Church. We taught of the Apostasy,BoM-- and she was willing to read it, being late at night we asked if we could come back and share more about Christ's original church and how it has been Restored and is led by a Prophet here and now! She said yes and that 8:00 any night would be perfect. I am so grateful for these experiences because they are what keep pushing me week after week!

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