Monday, September 23, 2013

#1 Grandson

Grandma and Grandpa Wardle wanted a picture of all of their grandchildren in a line with numbered shirts. Because Adam is gone, they asked me to send them a picture they could use to make a full size face of him. Then, they had his Uncle Mark stand in Adam's spot (#1) holding the face in front of his. 
Adam's siblings are Derek #2, Ashlee #6, Jaxon #9, Jordan #13, Emilee #18, & Kenzee #24.

Later, Grandma sent Adam a package with letters and notes from everyone on the vacation and she included his full size face picture. Here is the result:

"I think I've had more fun with the full size pic of my face haha! We have taken some pics with it and messed with people while driving... when the person looks over with Munguia having it over his face and then they see me as well we get some funny double and even triple looks! It always brings a smile to their face :)"

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