Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Adam is constantly writing about how much he loves and appreciates us (he means extended family too). Here are a few quotes:

"I hope all of you had a blast at Bear Lake with the Wardle family and with the Lovell's for the 4th! I miss you all so much more around the big days during the year. I never really noticed how much I love all of you until I was separated for just a short time. It doesn't help that I 'most likely' won't have any fireworks to shoot off...I always loved doing the show!"

"The letters from everyone were wonderful!" (He is talking about the letters he received after both the Wardle and Lovell reunions when everyone took the time to write to him as part of vacation.)

And..."Yes I got your Bear Lake Novel haha and I loved it! It sounded like so much fun and I could just imagine me being there with all of you. I also got the Lovell package with all the letters I love that idea so much and It's awesome to hear from everyone...but now I am behind about 60 letters and not sure how I'll get back to all of them haha!"

"You are always in my prayers and thank-you for putting me in yours. The days go by slow but the weeks/months/transfers seem to fly by. Let me know what you think about that I need to improve on...besides writing... :)  I love you all!"

"I truly am so blessed to have a loving family that supports me back home!"

"Haha the one thing I miss about the family wards would be the lil kids... we were at the church building on Sunday while the other ward was there and of course there was this cute lil girl who was shy at first but then started to open up and reminded me of Kenzee so much!"

Most of his letters end something like this one:

"Thank-you for all your prayers, they are for sure felt in times of comfort. I'm doing great and time can barely catch up to how fast the mission is going by! I love you all so much, have a wonderful week!"

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