Sunday, February 17, 2013

Big Changes

Well, it feels like I just posted about the last transfer and now there is another one. Adam has been in Irvine since he left the MTC the first week of October. He was there with his trainer until the week before Christmas when he received a new companion. I knew the next transfer was in 7 weeks because this particular companion was somewhat challenging and Adam said he could do anything for 7 weeks. Well, those 7 weeks have gone very quickly! Our family had grown very fond of Adam's investigators in Irvine. We were continually fasting and praying for them and felt "invested" in them as a family. Our children prayed for them by name and were very hopeful they would be able to overcome those things that were keeping them from baptism. So, we had very mixed feelings about Adam being transferred but we realized it was probably time. So we found out last week that Adam was transferred to Placentia. We have decided to continue to pray for his previous investigators as they are still important to him and to us and we will just add new ones to our list of people to pray for on a regular basis. We thought Adam might have the opportunity to train with this transfer since there are so many new missionaries entering the field right now. They did receive new ones but only 1 Elder and 15 Sisters! So, he is not training yet, but he has been made a District Leader. He is really excited for the opportunity to grow in this new calling but he is a little nervous too. Over the last few weeks I have noticed some things about his letters that may have been preparing him for this new calling. One day in January they were helping someone move and the people were getting rid of a tv. One of the Elders in his district talked them into letting him have it. Adam (not a district leader but a young junior companion) told him no he couldn't have a tv. I saw then that he was stepping up and being a leader on his own. He said it really concerned him how some elders just check out and don't care. In the letter we received right before the transfers he told us rumors were flying but that he would be good with anything. He said, "If the Lord has an Errand, I am more than willing to run it for him." He is a good boy. Here is what he said about his last zone meeting: "The day started with Zone meeting that went well and I find I can actually add something worth sharing to the discussion. The AP's were there and I swear they would be staring at me the whole meeting...?" That evening he received a call from President Bowen asking him to be a District Leader. Here are some of his thoughts, "This will be my 4th transfer and it is super early for leadership calls, I thought...(I later found out that I am the youngest DL to be called, at least in a while!) I guess that's what I get for talking about leadership, haha!! Ahhh, it's crazy! I'm excited but a lil nervous at the same time. I am being put to the test!" He seemed a little overwhelmed but excited at the same time. We are very proud of him for being diligent and obedient so he was prepared when the Lord needed him. Now for some fun things: He has had some fun p-days where they played basketball, but lately he has been a little discouraged. He said most of his district (the old one) wanted to play "nerdy" board games. Adam does like board games but he's not real fond of things like "Dungeons & Dragons" and I guess his zone is into those kinds of games (sorry John). So, he said he would try to convince some of them to play basketball or table tennis with him. When he couldn't get takers he would just read and said he has read all of his "mission books" except Jesus the Christ which will be his next pursuit. He is excited because apparently this new zone plays football sometimes so he asked us to send him his cleats! I'm sure that will be a nice change for him. He also does some juggling now and then. One thing that was really exciting for him was when he went to the Newport Temple in January. He said, "So I am coming out of the changing stall and guess who I ran into.... Jeremy Rich one of my best friends from school! The one I took pictures of jumping bikes, and is going to the MTC next week It was so awesome! I gave him a big hug....( something I have learned on my mission... ya it's not a normal thing and I kinda think it caught him by surprise hahaha! We did the same endowment session and talked for a lil bit it was his second time in the temple ah it was so fun to see someone I know!" Adam was really excited that Jeremy had decided to serve a mission too. That was a great experience for him. I'm sorry it's such a long post, but now you are all updated. I am looking forward to hearing more from him about his new area and companion. What I do know is that his companion is named Elder Pafford, he is from Virginia, and he has been out one transfer less than Adam. So far Adam thinks he is great and said he is one of the funniest people he has met.