Wednesday, September 11, 2013

He's Still Adam

I just love this boy! He may be Elder Wardle and he may be growing spiritually by leaps and bounds but he is still Adam and he is still a boy. Here is part of a letter that I just loved even though I did roll my eyes a bit!

"Exchange day with Elder Rogers was awesome! We see each other a lot anyway being in the same ward but we have a ton of fun with the whole day together! We taught a Less-Active, looked for some other people but no luck. When we exchanged back, we cleaned some because we are moving to a new apartment. We started by taking an axe to a chair and table so it could fit in the dumpster and ended up mixing cleaning chemicals for a nice boom! of white stuff in the dumpster. Haha, it's still me out here."

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  1. Hey! I just figured out how I can make separate paragraphs on this blog. I know that's pretty sad it took me so long. I've been frustrated with it and now I know how to do it. I don't know if Adam will be embarrassed for me or be proud of me that I figured it out on my own and didn't have to wait the full two years for him to come home and show me. Haha!