Sunday, October 14, 2012

Good bye MTC...Hello Anaheim

We received an email from Adam last Monday and a letter on Saturday. They were both wonderful and he is doing so well. His trainer is an army guy from Texas named Elder Horejsi. Adam really likes him. He is a convert and likes to work hard. He is also an army guy with a flat top and is the district leader. They have an apartment to themselves, but he said it is old and stinks:)! They are currently using a car because they cover a couple of wards. He may eventually have to get a bike but not yet. He said President Bowen is very spiritual and Sister Bowen is a sweet little lady. Here is most of his letter: I am having a great time here in Anaheim. We live in Irvine right now which is a pretty nice area. Everyone I have met is nice. We have had dinner with a family every night and it's all been pretty good. The first couple of days we have had training meetings which take up 'til around 1 or 2 o'clock. We plan the night before for what we are going to do and so far it has gone quite well. No tracting yet, but we have met with some people to give lessons. We have talked about tithing, word of wisdom, and eternal's weird to talk about that being 40 years younger than the guy we teach, but it's a good experience. We normally have dinner around 5 or 6 with a family and then share a message with the family and head out. But during our 3rd dinner, we had a wonderful surprise! While at dinner, we got a text from a recent convert of about 2 years. He asked if he could receive a blessing. So we quickly finished dinner and excused ourselves. We drove to his place and talked about what was going on. He was quite stressed about everything that was going on in his life. Elder Horejsi and I had talked about it before and the man asked me to give him a blessing. Being kinda nervous, my hands were shaking, but as soon as I placed my hands on his head and started the blessing, complete peace came over me. Now I couldn't remember what I said, but it felt like an Angel was standing there beside me. It felt so amazing and strong, so spiritual and wonderful, I haven't felt anything like it. Afterward everyone was calm and at peace. He said he felt better already. Oh boy what a wonderful experience! Here is a quote from him: Thanks for the comments from people I love those. So please leave comments either here or on facebook so I can send them on to him. Thanks so much for all of your love and support.