Sunday, October 6, 2013

Interesting Contact

Well sort of an interesting story... maybe not the best planted seed but sure a memory that I'll keep with me-- Henriod and I were knocking in a apt complex (when it happened to be 7:30 and still 95 degrees outside! What!?) when a man opened the door with his eyes blood-shot, no shirt, and stumbling over his words... saying that " I have to be honest with the Lord's Angels here, that I have knocked back a few" haha going on to say "I have been thinking about God, and then you two knocked on my door!" We asked if we could take 15 mins of his time to share a message of Jesus Christ and how it could change his life? He let us in where there was no furniture and so we ended up standing for the 15 mins and another 45 mins after that haha He loved the BoM and said he would start reading and that he would pray about it! He was 54 yrs old so we passed him to his area's elders and went on...Larry from LA/Georgia was a black gangster trying to fix his life, I hope to hear from the other elders that he is progressing! 

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