Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flirting or Proselyting...You Decide :)

Well I can't remember if this was this week or when but it was awesome! As we were driving down the freeway we noticed some girls driving along side us... Only noticed them because they were trying to keep up with us and staring haha so when we got off our exit they followed us as well. We got to a red light and we rolled the window down along with them. They asked if we were Mormons all giggly. We said yes and asked if they wanted a Book... psh of course they took it so I handed one out my window and committed them to read it and to go to to contact us. I'm not sure what will happen but that was a fun seed to plant!

Definitely flirting on the girls part but at least the Elders turned it into proselyting.