Sunday, October 6, 2013

Focus on and an Experience with Less Actives

I think both of us know what we are to do in this area, at least for now. That is to work with the LA/RC (less active/recent converts) and make sure that they are solid. They are often less-active because of their friends who are not members and being a bad influence. Non-members are great and we need to be friends with them, as long as we can stand strong and not let our standards falter.

A YSA  came to church and signed up on our dinner calender, I had no idea who he was... So when we txted him and were told to meet him at Little Caeser's, we did and we waited til he got there. A man opened the doors and said "Hey Elders, how are you doing!?"  He was wearing an Angels hat so I started talking Baseball with him as we were ordering. He seemed like a cool guy and was fun to talk to. We took the Pizza to a park and ate there for dinner.

During dinner we sorta got a rundown of how rough his life had been, but he wanted to come back and be active! We thought that was great and shared a message, nothing too special but it brought the spirit through our testimonies. We asked if there was anything that we could do for him??? He said "You know what? Ya, I was wondering if I could possibly meet with you guys regularly so I can make sure I'll come back strong." OF COURSE!  So we set up a time for the next day in the afternoon!

As we pulled to his house we had recognized that we knocked on it a few days before...who knows if he was there and decided not to open the door but to come to church... We sat down and had an awesome lesson with him, it felt so nice to teach a solid lesson. I know that the Spirit guided our words and our hands to the scriptures that we read to him. I finished with (I believe to be my favorite scripture now...) Mosiah 2:41 and I bore my testimony of how I knew that scripture to be true, Henriod testified as well and Nate was really touched. He committed to Pray/Read/Church, he has a long way to go but he has a goal of going back to the Temple and I can't wait to seem him get there!

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