Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Letter from the MTC

The MTC is going by so fast. I can't believe we take off on Tuesday. It feels like I just got here. I have learned so much in the time I have been here. Sitting outside watching all the new confused scared Elders find all their places they need to go is quite fun. (Didn't he just get there?) As we walked back from the Temple this morning, I was hoping to see someone I knew jog or drive by. Now that I think about I go throughout my days doing the things I need to do I kinda sadly forget about the outside world. It is also kinda nice it helps me study and focus. We have been teaching a lot and it feels that we are teaching better. Elder Rogers (who is also going to Anaheim) and I work really well together and it seems to get things done. We had a fireside last night from one of the 70 and he said something interesting that hit me pretty hard. "We determine our own success". He went on to say that "if you do your best the Lord will make things happen." So I am going to do everything as best as I can. I will go and do the things that the Lord has commanded. Thank-you: Kam for the cupcakes and CTR ring, Uncle Mark and Aunt Tammy mmm amazing brownies and all the kids cards and letters from everyone else. This was the main part of the letter we received on Friday. He also sent an email saying he will be calling us early Tuesday morning so we look forward to hearing from him when he is getting ready to fly out. He wants us to share any posts or comments people leave on the blog or facebook so COMMENT and POST away so I have something to share with him. He said his MTC district is great. Most of them are going to Hawaii. One sister and Adam and his comp. are going to Anaheim. His favorite baptism scripture is Alma 5:62.


  1. I loved the part about him watching all the new confused elders! Sounds like he is doing wonderful and working so hard. Bret and I do keep joking about looking for him in Anaheim we found Joe (twice) by driving his area and then the other time we just went to eat. Good luck Adam you are amazing and will be the best missionary.

  2. Clever how you do not list the acutal scripture but make us look up Alma 5:62. I still get chills from Alma 5. Direct, blunt, and to the point! Basically, get your act together!

    I am still regretting not going to the NRPA conference in Anaheim this October. Maybe there will be a conference there in the next couple years and I will be able to swing by.