Thursday, January 10, 2013


The week before Christmas they had transfers. It seems like a hard time to have to do that, but I guess it goes along with missionaries coming and going from the mission. I realized since I arrived in Portugal one week before Christmas, the same thing had to have happened in my mission........Adam stayed in the same area (Irvine) but his trainer was transferred and he said he misses Elder Horejsi. His new companion is Elder Oviatt and here is some of what he had to say about transfers, "Elder Oviatt has only been out a transfer more than I have and this is his 2nd area. He just switched with Horejsi. He is senior companion but it doesn't feel like it. I am more of a leader and he is kinda shy so I do most of that stuff. He was driver but drove me nuts because he didn't know where he was going so we got that switched." This is the information he gave me in his letter now I will share what he put in his email........."all I know about him so far is that he went to BYU and he likes My Little Ponies ....... yep I said it my little ponies!!!! Are you kidding me???!! He tried to put a M.L.P. ornament on my Christmas tree and I almost died of laughter and then nearly had a heart attack when I found out he was serious... At least you will be getting some interesting and probably funny letters." We all had to laugh at that. I can just picture Adam finding out his companion is a "Brony". We told him to be nice and try to learn from the experience. In his last letter he said they have had some good discussions and he is beginning to feel that it's not as weird of a companionship as he thought.
Elder Wardle and Elder Oviatt
Their Little Christmas Tree (before the MLP ornament)

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