Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Little Rough

Adam had a few rough weeks in November. He has a bad cold. I swear that boy gets something close to bronchitis every year. He has been coughing like crazy and has even had a couple of prescriptions for the cough that didn't work. He said he is starting to feel better, but the cough lingers on. It's also been a little rough with some investigators. They had to drop a few because they were really only interested in Bible bashing. One brought his priest and I guess they were pretty rough. Adam said he felt terrible. He said his companion seemed to get into the Bible bashing so it was very uncomfortable for Adam. They had a lady scheduled for baptism on the 8th of December, but they have hit a rough spot with her too. She was pretty upset about the Word of Wisdom and said it was impossible for her to quit smoking. They are continuing to work with her, but she has cancelled on them a couple of times so it has set them back some. Hopefully things will get better with her and she can kick her habit. I suggested the 12 step Addiction Recover program to him. When I expressed concern about him being sick and having a rough time with investigators, he said, "I am strong and I am sure glad I'm out here. We are still working hard and trying our best. Even though times can be hard." I am very proud of him for recognizing the importance of continuing to work hard even through the tough times. He's such a great kid.


  1. Adam is tough. These hard experiences will just help him grow tougher. He is a great kid and a good example to all his nieces and nephews.

  2. Jackee, When Randy was trying to quit his smoking, it was real hard for him (on both of us). He tried everthing he could to stop. But the thing that REALLY helped, was when he went to the Lord and prayed about it and asked him for the help and strength to do so. This is all after smoking for 23 years.